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The Social Ontology Summer School will be held in Neuchâtel, June 26-30, 2023.

The Summer School aims at introducing important debates in social ontology to philosophers and scholars of other disciplines studying social phenomena.

It is open to master students, PhD students and early postdoc researchers.

Guests Lecturers

Åsa Burman (Stockholm)

Åsa Burman works in the field of social ontology, and is especially interested in nonideal social ontology and the concept of social power. Website

Course: Nonideal Social Ontology. The course will provide a systematic overview and synthesis of core ideas in social ontology by showing that its key questions and central dividing lines can be fruitfully reconstructed as a clash between ideal and nonideal social ontology.

Francesco Guala (Milan)

Francesco Guala is a philosopher and experimental economist interested primarily in the foundations and methodology of social science. Website

Course: Understanding Institutions. The course will discuss various topic related to social institutions, notably institutions as rules (constitutive vs regulative), institutions as equilibria and the rules-in-equilibrium theory.


Submissions for the Summer School are now closed.

We have sent the registration form to every accepted applicant on March 24. Please contact us if you have not received our email or if you have any question.


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The Social Ontology Summer School is organized by Antoine Taillard (Neuchâtel) and Marco Marabello (Neuchâtel).

It is supervised by Olivier Massin (Neuchâtel) and Ralf Bader (Fribourg).